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We Have Andis Parts If You Want To Fix Your Own Clipper

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We are an Andis Distributor for both retail and wholesale

What you see is what we carry. Only parts the user can install easy without professional help.
No parts for cordless or PowerGroom clippers.

We have videos on our website that shows how to install most of these parts

Call if you need some help or advice
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We can ship any of these parts back in your box of returned sharpening


This drive fits ALL Andis pet grooming clippers. Its located under the front hood of your clipper, and is held in place by two "4/40 x 1/4 in" screws. It is the user who is responsible to change this part, because if its worn your blades will not cut properly. We recommend changing every 4 to 6 weeks, or when you get your blades sharpened. Its advisable to have several on hand.

Price: $ 5.00 US
Foam Pad

Fits under the drive cap of your AGC, AGC/SE, AGP, and Excel 5 Speed

This pad will keep hair from getting inside your blade drive mechanism.

Price: $00.35 US each 
AG Power Cord
This cord only fits the AG clipper. Will not work on your Ultra Edge, Excel, PowerGroom, AGCL, or AGP
Price: $16.00 US
AGC Power Cord
This cord fits a number of Andis clippers.

AGC Ultra Edge 2 speed (silver or blue ones)
AGC Super 2 speed (maroon ones)
AGC 1 and 2 speed (black ones)
AGC/SE Super 2 speed (pink or purple ones)
AGP Super 2 speed (square ones with rubber coating)
AGCL Lite Speed (ones with the light)
Price: $16.00 US

Excel Five Speed Cord

This cord only fits the Excel 5 Speed clipper. (Output 6 volts DC)

Suggestion: This an expensive cord, I recommend plugging it into a power strip that lays on the floor. Reason: If the the converter part is pulled out of the wall socket and hits the floor or a table leg, you can crack the circuit board inside and your clipper will not run any more. Can't fall from the floor.
Price: $40.00 US

for: AGC, AG, AGCL w/Light, AGC/SE, PowerGroom,  AGP, Excel 5 Spd

It requires the part listed directly below ( Latch) to make it a complete hinge.

We sell this hinge with the latch already installed. Only latch sold separately.

Price for hinge and latch together: $11.00 US
This is the LATCH. It fits behind the hinge, and it has to be pushed up to put the blade on and take it off.

If your not pushing the latch up to put a blade on, and are just slapping it on when you start the clipper, you can break the hook off the end of the latch. When the hook is broke off blades won't lock on and will pull away from the clipper.

Price: $4.00 US

This is the BLADE LOCK. This flat piece of metal is located behind the hinge. When re-installing it, it has to be positioned with the two bumps pointed UP.

Without the blade lock most blades won't lock on properly.

Price: $2.00 US
This is the hinge screw, it takes two to hold the hinge on.

If you loose a hinge screw, DO NOT use another screw and make it fit. These screws thread into the front motor mount of your clipper. Its a special screw with a special length, any other screw could damage your motor. A new front motor mount part for your clipper will cost $15.00, plus labor to install it.

Price: $ 00.50 US

for: The AG Series

A completely different hinge from the AGC hinge, it has no latch to push up. There is a built in "HOOK" right under where the blade drive pokes through that locks the blade on.

To put a blade on your clipper with this hinge, you put the blade on the hinge, turn the clipper on, then just slap it closed. The blade automatically hooks on.

NOTE: Groomers who have a difficult time getting blades on their AGC hinge with the latch, sometimes have this AG hinge installed in its place. It will fit perfectly on any AGC type clipper, and could eliminate your frustrations.

Price: $11.00
AGC Two Speed Switch

Fits: AGC, Ultra Edge, AGC/SE,  AGP

Price: $16.00 US
AG Series Two Speed Switch

Fits: AG only

Price: $16.00 US

Excel 5 Speed Switch

Fits: The Excel 5 Speed only

Price: $16.00 US
AGCL Switch

Fits: AGCL Lite Speed Clipper Only (One with the light)

Price: $33.00 US

Note: The wires are very sensitive, extreame caution must be taken when replacing this switch because the wires break easily. Have a pro do it for you.

AGC Body Halves Top or Bottom (black only) We have colors, call.

Fits: Ultra Edge, AGC Super Two Speed, AGC 1 and 2 Speed.

Note: These clipper bodies will fit these clippers as the colored ones do. They are $6.00 cheaper. If your not worried about color, then these bodies work well.

Price: $7.00 US each body half

AGC Front Cap (black only) We have colors, call.

Fits: Ultra Edge, AGC Super Two Speed, AGC 1 and 2 Speed.

Price: $4.00 US
Excel 5 Speed Bodies (pink or silver) We have colors, call.

Fits: The Excel 5 Speed Only

Price: $10.00 US each body half
Excel 5 Speed Front Cap (pink or silver) We have colors, call.

Fits: Excel 5 Speed Only

Price: $5.00 US

Excel 5 Speed Rubber Switch Cover

Fits: Excel 5 Speed. It covers the push buttons on side of clipper.

Price: $3.00 US
Replacement Cutters

Ceramic Cutter
Price:  $10.00 US

Steel Cutter
Price: $5.00 US

Both these cutters fit all blades larger than a number 40 blade.