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10% off Sharpened Items in January!


Starting January 1st 2020 for one month, we are giving a 10% DISCOUNT on all mail-in sharpening orders. We'll call this "The After Christmas Special" because we love you and you have bills to pay.😍

To qualify, the box you send to us has to have a January 2020 postmark on the box, the box has to be postmarked in January, no excuses. To get free return shipping, you still have to have $101.00 worth of sharpened items AFTER the 10% discount, so throw in 2 or 3 more items to equal $113.00.

This promotion will last the month of January 2020 only. That’s 10% off your sharpened items only, and free return shipping if you qualify for it. This is a real good deal, the more sharpening you send the more you get discounted off the bill, and it includes the sharpening of blades and shears only, no clipper repair, parts, or retail sales.. Thanks for being our customers :) :) :) 

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