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Bucchelli 919 Cog Wheel

Bucchelli 919 Cog Wheel

This cog wheel is the gear that connects the motor to the lever. It has to be changed periotically.

How long before I need to change it?

Cog wheels, no matter what clipper they are on, have gears along the bottom that spin on the brass gear coming out of the clipper motor. These wheels are made of very hard plastic and can last a long time.

What wears the cog wheels out are blades that have alot of resistance.

1. Never oiling blades, a red substance coats the cutting surfaces and acts like a brake pad. This red stuff is melted pet dander. 

2. Using coolant isnstead of oil, this causes resistance on the blade.

3. A resharpened blade has too much tension put back on from that sharpener not using a blade scale. A blade scale is needed to adjust tension on ALL blades.


If you cannot push the cutter on the blade back and forth without struggling to do so, that resistance can wear a cog wheel oput prematurely. Cleaning and oiling blades as described in your clipper manual will increase the life of your lever and cog wheel.


LIMIT 2 Wheels per order. Call if necessary.

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