D Series Corded Clipper

D Series Corded Clipper

Wonderful new D series corded clipper. Comes with variable speed, #15 D series blade, and is a corded clipper. It has the same specs and size as the cordless 320 Molly, with a few modifications. The cord is heavy duty, and the speed control is variable.I love the variable speed control on this clipper because of the high speed of this clipper. When doing a small dog you can turn down the speed to reduce vibration and blade whining so you dont frighten the dog. We have run this clipper in my shop for two weeks and they love it.This will give you a chance to use your D series equipment while your waiting for a new Lithium battery model D series clipper to come out. SPECIFICATIONS This is a Corded Clipper. Hand Piece WT: 11 ounces Hand Piece and Cord WT: 1 pound 2 ounces Motor Watts: 40 Watts Motor Torque: 6 Pounds Variable Speed: 3600 spm - 4600 spm Color: Black (colors may come later) 1 year Warranty on motor only. Cords are not warrantied due to they are disposable item.

Return Policy: 5 Days after delivery, if you are not satisfied, you own them after that no excuses. Clipper must be undamaged and packed in the original box with the blade and all the accessories. After the return, we will inventory the box before refunding the clipper price, minus 10% for a restocking fee, you pay the return shipping. Damaged or overly used clippers within that 5 days will not be accepted back. Please contact us by phone immediately with any issues. We do not conduct business by email, facebook or text for returns.

Note: Your A series blades (example: Andis blades) will not fit this clipper. 



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