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Bucchelli #1" A Series

Bucchelli #1" A Series

Compatible with all Oster, Wahl, Andis, Furzone, & Laube clippers
High Quality Japanese High Carbon Steel (440c Stainless)
They have a minimum Rockwell Hardness of **62**
Rust Resistant, Extremely Durable


Things to know about usng this blade



1.  The blades weighs 1/2 pound, thats the same as three #10 blades on the front of your clipper at one time.

2. Your clipper maintenance has to be 100% all the time. Blade drive/lever must be current and hinge screws must be tight. This is a BIG piece of metal and if your clipper maintenance is lacking the blade will just drag.

3. You must use oil on this blade and oil it according to your clipper instructions. Not once a day or once  week, but every time you put it on the clipper. The metal is so hard it requires that you not let it dry out of lube. No coolants on this blade, coolant is just alcohol and propane gas and drys the oil off of it.


This isn't a blade to get just to see if you like it, chances are you won't. Some groomers love this huge blade and they are used to the weight of it. A comb attachment may be more suitable for adding this much length instead of this heavy blade.

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