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Jumbo Concave Nail Grinder

Jumbo Concave Nail Grinder

Cleaning - You have to clean the material from the diamonds or the drum will stop working. Scrub the diamond with a toothbrush in water, or run it in your ultrasonic cleaner.

  • Warranty




    There is a limited warranty for the Diamond Carbide Wheel if used under normal conditions. Normal conditions include nail grinding of small to medium dogs, cats, reptiles, equine, and all birds only. If the wheel is used for a hobby project like sanding wood, de-burring metals, or any activity other than grinding nails the warranty is void. If this product is used on nails only, kept clean, and not dropped and bent, it should last over a year. But, anything can happen as it always does. Considering the cost of the cardboard wheels and the time spent changing them constantly, if this wheel only lasts 6 months it has paid for itself. Follow the sheet enclosed for proper use, and to prevent any injury to yourself and/or client.

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