Oster Volt Clipper

Oster Volt Clipper

1 year limited factory warranty from purchase date on invoice. Please read the entire users manual before using the clipper. Lubricate blades with blade oil only, no coolants. Do not spray coolants on a blade that’s running on a clipper, it can get inside and burn up motor. This particular Volt was taken out of box before shipment, checked for motor problems , cord problems, clipper heat up and the ease of the on/off switch.

Return Policy: 5 Days after delivery, if you are not satisfied, you own them after that no excuses. Clipper must be undamaged and packed in the original box with the blade and all the accessories. After the return, we will inventory the box before refunding the clipper price, minus 10% for a restocking fee, you pay the return shipping. Damaged or overly used clippers within that 5 days will not be accepted back. Please contact us by phone immediately with any issues. We do not conduct business by email, facebook or text for returns.



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