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Pet Grooming Equipment Care Guide

Pet Grooming Equipment Care Guide

This is a handy manual that needs no computer to read the files. This manual is filled with most of the published articles Jeff has written for grooming magazines over the last 25 years. It is more than a manual, its a keepsake. Jeff's articles are enjoyed by groomers and sharpeners all over the world. Keep this manual in your shop for that time when something breaks down. This is your "Go-To" book before making calls, or posting a question on social media. When Jeff speaks at a grooming school about equipment care, he teaches from this book and everyone gets a copy.
Areas covered are: clippers, blades, shears, 5-N-1 blades, & MSDS's
Also, this book covers things your sharpener has no idea about, WHY? because they don't groom. They sharpen steel and hand it back to you, and they get all their knowledge from you. If you don't know, they dont know. 
The book also goes over the coolants your using. id you know your not using it properly? Somebody showed you how to spray it on a blade running on a clipper. WRONG!!!  Most cans of coolant say not to use around electric motors because its highly flammable. The instructions on the can say to keep the blade wet for 20-30 minutes to do any good. Finally, there is no oil in coolant, most clipper manuals say not to use it for that, and to use oil.
This book covers everything about grooming equipment. The calss we teach from this book is 3 hours+ and is totally hands on with blades, shears, clippers, with sharpening demonstrations. We go over why things happen and how to prevent them, thats the true meaning of equipment care.
Manual is printed from computer and hand stapled not bound
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