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Pet Grooming Equipment Care

Pet Grooming Equipment Care

A guide to properly caring for and information about how your pet grooming equipment operates. The content of this book was collected by Jeff over 40 years of grooming experience and repairing the equipment himself because there were no places to get it fixed like there is today.

Jeff teaches equipment seminars from this book to groomers who want to learn how their equipment works and how to keep it running longer and saving money on repair and sharpening costs.

NOTE: This book is a LIVE document which means there are additions to it periodically when something new is discovered. It is not professionally printed because of this, it is printed on an expensive home color printer. sometimes a picture or word may be hard to read , but everyone who has bought one or got one in a seminar have never complained. They cherished the information they learned that was never available to them. Sharpeners have also acquired this book.

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