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Romani Vac Attachment for Bucchelli D Series Clipper

Romani Vac Attachment for Bucchelli D Series Clipper

This is a GLUE ON Romani Vac attachment for the Bucchelli Lithium D Series Clipper.

The kit comes with the attachment, a tube of ASI 502 cement, and detailed instructions by Northern Tails how to install it. A video is coming.
Glue on attachments work just as well as bolt on attachments with one difference. You must not yank on the hose by just holding the clipper, the attachment can bust off. Always try and grab the hose when walking around your table, its safer that way.
We have three options:

Option One: We sell you the attachment when you buy the Bucchelli clipper and we install it for you before we ship the clipper. The price is $50.00 plus the price of the clipper + shipping. No charge for installing the attachment.

Option two: We sell you the attachment and you install it on your clipper.

Option three: If you buy the attachment for $50.00, and pay the shipping of your clipper both ways to us, we will install the attachment on your clipper for you at no charge. It will be done right and the glue will set the recommended 24 hours.


Any questions call us  479-498-2367

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